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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

For your first class you can wear whatever makes you comfortable! Sweatpants, long sleeves, no problem. But we’d recommend shorts and a tank top or t-shirt as you might get quite warm. Shorts are also preferred as it will leave more options for movements you can be taught. As you progress you’ll start to realize that more exposed skin is needed to stick to the pole, at this point students will feel ready to move towards more “typical polewear” i.e. shorter shorts and a sports bra. Please ensure your gluteal cleft (your crack!) and genitalia remain covered.

I’m shy, should I be doing this???

Pole can be for anyone! But if you’re feeling extra shy you can book a private or semi-private lesson with friends if this makes you more comfortable.

What should I expect in my first class?

For your first class it is recommended to start with an intro to pole class/workshop, series or beginner class. Please ensure you arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of your very first class so we can get you all set up and waivers signed.  As a group you’ll be led through a warm-up, do some light conditioning drills and taught some basic pole movements, followed by a light stretch for cool down. After your first few classes you might notice that your muscles are quite sore the next day, but this is common with any physical exercise and will improve with time.

Can I come to watch a class?

Unfortunately you can’t come to just watch, you must sign up for a class to be present. It may make the other students feel uncomfortable if there are spectators. A beginner or introductory class is an excellent place to start to get a good idea if pole is for you.

How often should I take classes?

As a new pole dancer we recommend starting with 1 to 2 classes per week and then working your way up from there. Pole can be very exciting and addicting, but it can also be hard on the body, so take it slow to start and listen to your body.

What are the class sizes?

Class sizes will have no more than 8 students depending which studio you are in, with the exception of special workshops or if you’ve booked a larger group party.

Are there change rooms in the studio?

Yes, we have a washroom in the back as well as a small curtained change area in the front, however we recommend arriving as ready as possible in case there’s a lineup. We also ask that you wait to use the washroom in the back if there are classes running in order to not disrupt those in progress.

Can I still join the class if I show up late?

Please ensure you arrive for the class start time. If you are up to 10 minutes late it will be up to the instructor's discretion if you can still attend. If you are more than 10 minutes late you will not be allowed to attend. Late arrival can disrupt the rest of the class and most importantly you’ll miss some of the warm-up, which is very important in order to prevent injuries.

Can I participate if I have an injury or medical condition?

Students with medical conditions or injuries should consult their doctor before starting a new fitness activity. You will also be required to complete a PAR-Q prior to your first class and annually.  Instructors will do their best to modify exercises as needed for students, but it is the students responsibility to determine if they are able to participate. Students should make the instructor aware of any medical conditions or injuries prior to the class starting.

Am I able to participate if I am pregnant or recently had a baby?

A pregnant person is required to bring a doctor’s note prior to their first class. A person who has had a baby within the last 12 weeks is also required to bring a doctor’s note prior to their first postpartum class. 

Do I need any dance or strength training background?

Nope! Having those backgrounds may make some aspects a little easier in the beginning, but everyone follows their own journey and we’re here to help lead you through it.

Am I too big or small for pole fitness/dancing?

Nope! Pole is for all shapes and sizes!!! Everyone’s body is capable of different things no matter the shape or size and all students will progress at different rates despite this. There are soooo many movements and aspects to pole and we’re here to help you find your jam.

Can those who do not identify as female take pole classes?

Absolutely! But full disclosure, currently most of our clientele identify as female. Again, everyone is welcome so please don’t let this deter you if it’s something you’d like to try.

How do I cancel if I have to miss a class?

You can cancel your class via the app or online within 12 hours of the class start time with no penalty. If less than 12 hours notice is given or you’re a no-show, you will lose your class pass/credit, unless a doctor's note is provided.

Is there an age restriction in order to participate?

Currently we do not allow anyone under the age of 16 to participate and if you are under 18 you will require parental consent. For our sexier style classes you must be at least 18 years old.

Please contact us if you have any other questions :)

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