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Class Descriptions

* Please note, our class availability and  schedule is continuously evolving and our website may not have the most up to date information. Please visit our "Schedule and Booking info" tab for the link to our live schedule where you can view the most up to date class info. Please ensure you read the class descriptions as this is where any prerequisites will be listed :)

Pole Fitness

This is what some may consider your “typical” pole dance class and will be 75 minutes. It is primarily technique and trick based and may be mixed level. The level and pre-requisites, if any, will be specified within the class descriptor.  Eg. Beginner, Beginner/Intermediate, Advanced, etc. The general class outline will include:


-Introductions/warm-up  ~10 mins


-Conditioning ~10 mins

   -Strength exercises that help to perform fundamental movements off and on the pole

   -Usually 3 to 5 different exercises, some may be more specific for movements that are being taught later in the class while others may be more general for strength building


-Instruction time ~40 mins

   -The instructor will spend time with each student, either as a group, smaller group or individual depending on the class level(s) and the movements/tricks being taught


-Free Dance ~5 mins

   -Turn down the lights and turn up the music. This is the students opportunity to take a moment to just flow to the music, practice what they’ve learned or start stretching early if so desired


-Cool down/stretch time ~10 mins

-Pack up and goodbyes ~5 mins (please note, sometimes classes run back-to-back, so you may need to be prepared to leave right at the end of the time slot


At this time we do not offer curriculum based classes. All classes are on a drop-in basis. Class descriptions will list the level(s) and any pre-requisites if required.

Beginner level is for those who are brand new to pole dancing and for those wanting to spend more time on mastering fundamentals. A higher level beginner may be starting to learn how to do basic inverted movements with a spot from the instructor. One may be considered as "intermediate" level when they can invert confidently without a spot and are comfortable in many of the fundamental inverted poses. They may also be starting to work on other inverted grip types such as shoulder mounts.

Starting in January we are trying to separate our levels a little more than we previously did.  We are asking that new polers try their best to attend the beginner classes and only book "beginner/intermediate" if there are no other time slots available or the beginner sessions don't fit your schedule. Our "All Level" classes are REQUIRED to have a minimum of 5 classes prior experience before attending. However, if we have multiple pole fitness classes scheduled on one night and enrollment is low, we may combine the classes. We're still trying to keep things as flexible and accessible as possible, but we also want to ensure we're offering the best quality of classes as well.  In the circumstances where we need to combine classes, we ask all of our students to please be patient as our new people need a little more love and attention. We do our best to give everyone dedicated time and this is why we offer 75 minute classes. As we continue to grow our student base, we'll continue to sparate our leves even further! 


This class focuses on building strength in order to perform fundamental movements with more ease. Variations will be provided for all levels, however since this class is a little more strenuous, we recommend a minimum of 5 pole fitness classes prior to attending this one. This class will help individuals achieve basic inverts, shoulder mounts, aerial inverts, etc. The instructor will lead the class in warm-up and then move on to the conditioning exercises. If the student is not sure what to expect, it will be similar to the conditioning section from a fitness class, but for a more extended period of time. This class may also help to supplement someone who feels like they might not be ready to move up to the next level. 

Stretch and Stengthen (Flexibilty)

The instructor will lead a whole body warm-up and then focus on exercises to improve your flexibility and overall range of motion. Each class will focus on a different flexibility position. Improving range of motion and active flexibility can help pole dancers to achieve pole goals; however, it is not required. This is a non-pole based class but the pole may be used to assist with some stretches. This class is suitable for all levels.

Lyrical Pole

In this choreography based class you will combine movement with the pole and lyrical dance, working on a short routine that tells the story of the music through musicality, and conveying emotion. This class will also work on fluidity and finding your flow. This class may be on static or spin. Variations will be given for beginner to intermediate levels but all levels are welcome to attend. Minimum 2 classes experience prior to attending. Prior experience does not to be from our studio.

Sexy Basics

This class is suitable for beginners, however it is not recommended for your first class. This class will focus on more transitional movements, floor work and the more sensual side of pole dance. Heels are welcome, but not required. This is an excellent class to start practicing in heels and will prepare you for "heels flow" classes. Minimum 2 classes experience prior to attending. Prior experience does not to be from our studio.

Heels Flow

This class will be a choreography/dance based class while wearing heels. The instructor will first warm up the class (without heels) and then may focus on some ankle strengthening exercises and heel technique exercises. The class will then learn a piece of choreography to music to practice heel technique and dance movements. This class may also focus on more sensual body movements and floor work. Heels Flow 1 is for students who are comfortable dancing in heels. Movements will be a higher beginner level. We recommend having tried at least 3 Sexy Basics classes and several (5-10) pole fit classes as well. If you're unsure you're ready for this class, please contact the studio and we can help assess if you're ready :) Heels Flow 2 is considered intermediate level. You should have multiple Heels Flow 1 classes under your belt. If you were previoulsy attending Heels Flow classes prior to the level additions, you are welcome to attend Heels Flow 2. The levels have been added as we feel there's a big jump between Sexy Basics and Heels Flow. Platfrom Heels (min 2 inch from platform, 6 inch stilleto is recommended) and knee pads are required.

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