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Pole & Dance

Chrome Kittens Pole and Dance is an alternative fitness facility based on the art of pole dance. Over the last decade, pole dancing has become a popular trend for exercise and has grown into its own community. The fitness industry is often focused on weight loss and can make people, most commonly women, feel like their bodies aren’t good enough. We believe that pole dancing allows you to move your body in a fun and different way and our goal is to just make people feel good about themselves and what their bodies can do.


Pole dancing has many origins and we are supportive of them all. We offer classes based on strength and conditioning, pole technique (“tricks”), flexibility, floor work, low flow (using the lower part of the pole) and choreography (with and without heels).


Please note we are a brand new business. We are experienced with practising and teaching pole, but the business end of things is new to us. Please be patient while we learn all of the things :) But of course feedback and suggestions are always welcome!

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